He is one of the DJs whom all of the DJs know and respect… If you bought vinyl or DJ equipment in the Seattle Metropolitan area from the mid-90s through 2015, you know DJ Kippy.  He was the friendly guy with a cocky and gregarious attitude who always has a good word and used to you know what was hot and what just arrived at the world famous, Platinum Records – Seattle; a Pacific Northwest crate-digging, party-rocking DJ’s mecca, with another shop in Portland, Oregon.  However, the Portland-loving transplant is much more than a salesman with integrity – he is also a talent.  He sold records and spins them even better.  Ask the party people at Cowgirls Inc., Amber (he used to set the weekends off, there) and tons of other venues and special events that DJ Kippy has rocked in the past two decades.

Not a conformist, DJ Kippy is in proximity of all popular music, but he has a tendency to play what is dope more than just play what’s on the radio.  As one of the DJs with his ear to the streets and a finger tip away from dialing up labels, producers, artists and fellow DJs, DJ Kippy is more likely to break music at the clubs and parties than the Top 40 and commercial stations, which are more likely to follow his lead and that of other like-minded, risk-taking DJs.  The man with the plan and fresh style, keen ear and willingness to share them both is one of Seattle’s favorite… So what does a dope Italian, Irish, Native-American brother do when the record store industry comes to a close?  He keeps rockin’ and still has the people asking adamantly… “Who’s The DJ?”  Here’s what DJ Kippy has to say about it.

1). When and how did you get interested in and become a DJ?

I was making paused tape mixes for my self that was really the first time i felt like i was the dj. Year 1985… Then around ’88 i started going to clubs and school dances and really thought i could do this.  Jam Master Jay (Run DMC) and Mr. Mixx (2 Live Crew) were the two that i saw that were on turntables.

2) Who was your mentor(s)?

So many people helped me get my start at djing .. Mike Stevens, Ben Neirdost, Scott Mcquian, DJ Wicked, Carlo Mar, DJ Buck, and Bobby O!!

3) Vinyl?  CD? Digital?  All or None of the above?

Still kinda a purist as it comes to using vinyl with serato .. RIP RANE.. But i can DJ on what ever is in front me!  Kazoo with a rubber band.

4)  Describe who you are and what you do as a DJ… Genre, style, etc…

As a DJ iike to take the crowd on a journey  from new to old.  Introduce new and past music to the  people.  I’m  kinda a jokester so i might put some movie samples in the mix to watch the reaction.  My preferred genre style is open format DJ – i hate this term (laughing)

5) I most admire…__________

I admire DJ P., DJ Scene, DJ Excel, DJ Skribble, DJ Garth, Marty Mar , Kutt, Tamm, DJ Buck , Doc Martin , Jeromy Nail, Kelly Reverb , the list goes on on!

6) Favorite and least favorite changes in the DJ world…

Favorite change is that DJs are coming up with so much creativity – with all the digital stuff… Least?  Nobody plays vinyl no more… BOO !!

7). My most memorable music moment is…

Most memorable music moment would be just playing long side of the great DJs and artists such as Digital Underground and DJ Garth .

8). A DJ must… __________

A DJ must always know how to read a crowd and be prepared for what gets thrown at the them.

9) What is on your playlist right now (5 items)

Top 5 .. Bruno mars 24k collipark remix, Rae Sremmurd black beatle mighty mi remix, ed sheeran  body on me petedown remix, iggy azalea mo bounce, the weeknd starboy grand theft!!

10). Favorite crowd, event-type and city to DJ…

Favorite crowd to rock is a crowd who love to party and dance and listen to great music. Portland and Seattle are the cities I love to rock!!

11) Residencies?  Projects?  Upcoming gigs/events?

Residencies Alibi Room Pikestrreet, Cowgirls Inc., Ballroom, Luckystrikes,  Ballard Loft,

12) Radio in 2017 is…

Radio stations in 2017 need to have more mix shows!!

13) The BEST radio station is/was ________.  What made it so?

Favorite radio station? KBOO Portland! Growing up they played that underground stuff.

14). I am ______________

I am so very humble and blessed to be a PNW DJ.. Thanks to everyone that has support me on my long journey !! Thank you Jose for the time on this !!

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