He’s one of the most gregarious, gifted and generous personalities you may have the pleasure of meeting – period.  But don’t think he will curb his strong and well-developed opinions born within the mind of this native-New Yorker proudly hailing from the borough of Brooklyn.  The guy is not just a businessman (media/marketing consultant), but also a heavily-affiliated DJ with membership in many crews and associations, including Wu-Tang DJs.  Also, he is an educator and student within the DJ culture and one of the innovators and first-responders in the rush toward controller-based DJ set ups at a time when DJs eyebrows were arched almost as high as their noses regarding the new technology.  With a past career as an MMA warrior, he remains a battler and ambassador for the DJ culture and loves every moment  The multiple award-winning (with 25360 (Tacoma-Olympia/Lacey-area) Awards for DJ and Writer/Blogger of The Year in years past), DJ Iceman helps us figure out, when you see this proud and principled Zulu Nation representative, exactly – Who Is The DJ?

1). When and how did you get interested in and become a DJ?

I was inspired to DJ by my uncle A.D.  He was a club/disco DJ in Brooklyn.  When i was 7-years-old, he took me to a park jam he was DJing, and i was hooked!!  I bugged him for 2 years to teach me how to DJ.  Then in 1982 on my 9th birthday, he gave me his old setup (he had got some new gear)

2) Who was your mentor(s)?

My main mentor was my uncle A.D.  He taught me about mixing, beatmatching and scratching (there wasn’t much to it back then lol) and over the years i took inspiration from a lot of DJs.  Cash Money, Jazzy Jeff, Ron G, Kid Capri, DJ Cheese, Marley Marl, Awesome 2, Vance Wright, Mixmaster Mike, The X-Men, Grandmasta Vic…  Just a lot of influences…

3) vinyl?  CD? Digital?  All or None of the above?

I use digital now (my back is happy for that), but i can rock anything you put in front of me.

4)  Describe who you are and what you do as a DJ… Genre, style, etc…

I’m a Hip-Hop DJ.  My main style of DJing is Blends, but i can rock parties and clubs as well (Hip-Hop, R&B, Dancehall and Classics)

5) I most admire…__________

I most admire any DJ who is willing to be themselves and love the art.

6) Favorite and least favorite changes in the DJ world…

My favorite change in the DJ world is the advancement of the new technology.  It makes the job of the DJ so much easier.  My least favorite change in the DJ world is the advancement of the new technology.  It takes the respect of history away from the new generation of DJs.

7). My most memorable music moment is…

My most memorable music moment is…  Scratching on stage with Q-Bert.  It was only eight bars but it was a cool moment!

8). A DJ must… __________

A DJ must have love and respect for the craft, know the basics (beatmatching, proper mixing), be a fan of the music they are playing and respect the legacy of those that came before them.

9) What is on your playlist right now (5 items)

On my playlist right now?  1) “Chuncky”- Bruno Mars 2) “Peg”- Steely Dan 3) “Ill Street Blues”- Kool G Rap 4) “Get Retarded”- MC EZ And Troop and 5) “Do The James”- Super Lover Cee and Casanova Rud.

10). Favorite crowd, event-type and city to DJ…

My Favorite crowd type to DJ for…?  I love to DJ for real music lovers.  I like that they know the music and appreciate it.  They don’t have to be a dancing-type crowd, but it’s dope when i can pull out some obscure Hip-Hop joint and they still sing along to every word or the ones that don’t know it will come up and ask me what it is.  I also LOVE to DJ for B-Boys/B-Girls – that is the ultimate in instant gratification for a DJ.

11). I am ______________

I am…  Happy to have been able to be here as long as I have been, to see this art from basically from the beginning and 40 years later.  To see all the advancements and the respect it has gotten.  I am happy to see the evolution of scratching.  I am happy to see DJing come into the digital age.  I’m happy to see the birth of protablism. I’m glad to be a part of the brotherhood/sisterhood of DJs.  I am happy to be able to share my love of music with so many people over the last 34 years!

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