When you intertwine subgenres of West Coast Gangsta’ Rap, Motown swing, Gangsta’ funk and sprinkle heavy doses of Reggie Noble aka Redman’s influential style; you have arrived in the world of VintageDOP’s #CrateBangin’E.

Two of the dopest DJ’s (Dawhud & Luvva J UltraMEGA) taking you through the life of DJ – #CrateBangin’.  Dawhud’s lengthty resume includes his legitimate status as a beatsmith, having been haled by one DJ Premier for his 2014 hit single “Battle Anybody” in addition to being recognized as a Hip-Hop aficionado and scholar.  Luvva J brings to the table years as a writer, artist, producer and executive – having been part of The Jacka, Equipto, Million Dollar Dream and Andre Nickatina’s most successful releases amidst a lengthy resume in business.  Thus the collaboration of these two Lacey/Olympia-area (East Tanglewilde) vets makes for an engaging audio trek.

Pieces of the #CrateBangin’ were unofficially leaked in July 2014 with an official release date set for Summer 2017 on The SOOR Label,  Written by Luvva-J UltraMEGA The ProFRE$HA and renowned Producer/Emcee Dawhud Thomas, #CrateBangin’ is a glimpse into DJ life.  VintageDOPE is comprised of flawless sonic creation by Dawhud, an undeniable head bobbin’ production.  Every chica bonita wants to be posted up next to the flyest in the building and without fail it’s none other than the cat spinnin’ the records.  Sexy tracks like “Relax Yourselfand “Easy Day” set the vibe you’ll want to non-stop, lip lock with your boo to.  Take a trip down memory lane when you were swaying side to side at the local skate rink with “BounceRockSkate”.  This album will not disappoint you – the love of Hip Hop is heard throughout every track from ingenious wordy rhyme to class clown lyrical skills

4.5 out of 5 Spots.

^ Charli TermiKNOWLEGEE

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