Eat, Laugh, Enjoy and Be Thankful


“Hang all the mistletoe, I want to get to know you better.” And you say…. (insert the next lines). The season that is surrounded by giving, sharing and loving is back.  Why don’t people act like this all year?  That’s a blog for a different day. This will be my first Thanksgiving in the city of Seattle and already I feel right at home.


My Thanksgiving always includes community service.  Homeless prevention is a big deal to me but some people are already homeless and could benefit from at least a good meal and some good conversation.  On Friday, November 25th, you can join me at the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church as we feed the homeless from 11am until 4pm.  The smiling faces on these individuals as we serve them with that same smile brings a sense of humility over me. A lot of us will be busy fighting over TV’s that we might not need and other items that we could possibly live without while these individuals, some not by choice, would love to watch TV and put on fresh clothing. If you have a moment come by to help us or if you can help anyone else out this Thanksgiving, please do.


Family is the root of holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Back in Chicago I always look forward to my uncle preparing us for his signature ham and an ass whooping in a game of Bid Whist.  I look forward to my mother cooking greens and her and my sister slaving over chitterlings (how in the hell do you eat that?). I can smell my brother’s mac n cheese and chess pies cooking. I can hear my grandfather’s laughter as all of his kids are together communing and enjoying each other. I would go into his room and sit next to him.  We would enjoy a sip of our favorite whiskey scotch Dewar’s White Label and puff gingerly on an amazing cigar.  We would talk about relationships, my grandmother (RIP), his adventures as a “professional gambler” and more. Granddad I’ll see you on December 23rd. This is just a small portions of the greatness that comes with family. This year I will share some similar moments with my Seattle family.


Seattle has already presented a lot of fun. Renton gave me a wonderful introduction to the holiday season with the lighting of the Renton Christmas tree. In the city of Burien they have already put up Christmas lights and decorations. Blocks and blocks of houses were shining brightly with cars slowing and stopping to view in amazement. Family members will flight into town. On November 23rd, Thanksgiving Eve, they are going to find themselves in Kent, Washington, with the legendary DJ Kun Luv at Sam’s Lounge 23803 104th St., Kent, WA 98031. There will be awesome music, a ton of amazing people, dancing and some great drinks.

We all will have interesting stories to tell. I would like to hear your stories.  Take a moment out and comment below about your holidays. Help someone this holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate this holiday.  Be careful to all of you that will be supporting “Dark Friday.”