Tacoma Emcee Brings Community Together for an Event to Remember


Tacoma Rapper One Kahleo brought the community together with a very memorable video release event.

Born Daniel Warren; this 26-year-old father, husband, businessperson and incredible musician, takes music to a level of truth and honesty that has never been before seen. One Kahleo utilizes some of his deepest experiences in life to express himself through the culture; that is Hip Hop. This man wears many hats as a song and screenplay writer, video producer, self-trained sound and vocal engineer, recording/ performing artist and growing entrepreneur. He is also very passionate about leading and mentoring the youth.
Over 100 people filled the room in support of One Kahleo. People from all over, of all colors, creeds and nationalities gathered together in support of this event. This turned out to be much more than a video release. This was a FREE red-carpet event with a catered menu for everyone who showed up. There was a discussion panel, raffle and gift giveaway, a performance and much more.
During the discussion, topics such as community, race, youth and unity came up. The audience and supports were allotted time to ask questions to One Kahleo and individuals on his discussion panel. This engaging back and forth discussion seemed to bring clarity and understanding to One Kahleo’s purpose, music and the movement he is trying to start. This Hip Hop artist used a raffle to give back to the community. There were sponsors and business who donated their time, items and services as gifts for the raffle winners. This debut viewing of his video “Conversation ONE” left the audience in awe as it was largely projected for a clear view. By the end of the video there was a standing ovation and fists in the air as a sign of unity. One Kahleo also gave an energetic and engaging performance of the song. The audience stood up and sang along with the artist.
This child-friendly event even had break segments where children were able to get on the stage and freely dance (to child-friendly music). There was also a moment where a 10-year-old boy was able to get on stage with One Kahleo and perform some of “Conversation ONE”.
One Kahleo made such an impact that night, someone asked him to come out to Seattle to put on an event and work with the youth. His answer was a definite YES. One Kahleo says Peace, Joy, Unity and fun is what true Hip Hop represents. That’s the reflection he aims to stand for.

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