Nightlife in the Jupiter Hotel Courtyard…

A weekend getaway?  A weeknight getaway?  Maybe just to get away in the Great Northwest, is your desire.  When that’s the case and you make your way to the beautiful Rose City of Portland, Oregon to traverse the Columbia River or en route to Seaside, Gleneden or Lincoln City – one stop that is a fresh and fly can’t-miss-taste-of-art-and-pleasure, is the nouveau artesque flavor of The Jupiter Hotel.

Your furry companions are welcome visitors at The Jupiter.

Widely regarded as a bastion for artists, adventurers and lovers-to-be exploring The 503 – The Jupiter shares the parking lot with a hot, cozy and swanky nightlife establishment known as The Doug Fir Lounge which hosts parties, events, concerts, serves a fine menu (as well as provides catering) and spirits.  To add to an already comfortable, pet-friendly, sophisticated and lounge-like environment, in 2018 The Jupiter expands its space from living quarters to a full-service event center that can host multiple event-styles.  From receptions and parties to concerts and meetings, The Jupiter NEXT can suit business and pleasure just as the artistic designs of the Jupiter Hotel rooms themselves boast.  The secretly famous Jupiter also shares the lot with world-famous public/community radio station, KBOO 90.7 FM.

Nightlife requires you walk no more than 200 feet in any one direction at The Jupiters – as the Doug Fir Lounge awaits just across the parking lot daily.
Artistic portrayls of friends like Mr. Lennon greet and enchant visitors throughout the rooms of The Jupiter.

Knowing that sometimes you need to get away and maybe can’t get too far away – The Jupiter Hotel of Portland will serve as a private escape with sexy-sophisticated ambiance that can deliver you from the undesirable facts of life, while you’re chillin’ in the middle of a beautiful and eventful city that awaits right outside your doors.

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