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Floetry’s Natalie Stewart Talks Reunion Tour, Rumors Of Past Bad Blood Between Her And Marsha Ambrosius And Possibility Of New Floetry Music
Natalie Stewart (‘The Floacist) and Marsha Ambrosius (‘the Songstress’), collectively known as Floetry, are responsible for hits like “Say Yes”, “Getting Late” and “Supastar.” The duo first joined forces creatively in 1999, and eventually went on to sell over 1,500,000 records worldwide. Along the way, they also penned hits for the likes of Jill Scott, Bilal and the late Michael Jackson.

 In 2006, Natalie and Marsha branched off to work on projects as solo artists, and rumors of a breakup and bad blood between the two of them ran wild. During their individual journeys, Natalie returned home to London, but still moved back and forth between the UK and The United States. Musically, she released albums like Floetic Soul, The Floacist Presents Floetry Re:Birth and Rise of the Phoenix Mermaid.

Last summer, Natalie reunited with Marsha – to the delight of fans – for a North American tour. A second tour kicked off early last month in Sacramento, CA, stopped in Seattle, and wraps up in a few weeks in Anaheim. During a recent phone call with Natalie, I got the ‘SCOOP’ on how the tour came about, the rumors of past bad blood between her and Marsha, and whether we can expect new music from the two of them as a unit.

Check out highlights from our chat below.


 “I think quite simply how many reunion tours come about, you know. First of all, they come about at a moment when you realize that you’ve actually got to a point of longevity, you know. People reach out, and the time just is right in so many different aspects and so many different ways. I think that’s the most common denominator of all of the artists that go through that is just that the timing is just so very right. It’s been the most lovely tour – this is the second part. We did a reunion tour here in the summer of last year, and we’ve been out now for four weeks…two weeks to go.”


“Marsha is my sister, you know. We’re all aware that the media much prefers to spread kind of negative connotations of stories, even articulation of a breakup. As creative individuals, Marsha and I didn’t breakup – we evolved, blossomed, and did many things, you know. But there was always a push and a sway to want to describe that time as something negative because of course we we’re introduced as Floetry, which is understandable. But, yeah, to answer that question, I’ve known Marsha since I was ten years old, you know. It’s a much further a line and relationship than just an articulation of Floetry, you know what I mean?”


“You know it’s interesting. One of the most beautiful things about Floetry and when Marsha and I decided to come together to join our art forms is that we really did it as a freedom thing, you know. It was outside of expectation – we create of an intention. So what’s really beautiful is that’s still in the future, you know. It would be lovely if so, and that’s a definite possibility, but right now, we’re just really enjoying the road, the live aspect, and just enjoying the balance within ourselves and what it is we do together. So, who knows? But we both have many, many projects that we’re doing. It’s interesting, when we created Floetry, we were young, entrepreneurial women, and now we’re grown, entrepreneurial women and journeying further, so plenty of things to share, which is great.”


“It’s really been lovely everywhere, you know. We’ve had a lot of sold out shows, beautiful gatherings of people – we’re having a lovely time.”


“Oh, many things. At the show, we kind of speak and share about ourselves, Marsha and I. And one of the things I’m about to do is to come and share with some of my other friends from back home – singers, musicians. We’re going to come over and do a tour over here. This is something that’s been going on for a while, you know. Floetry, we weren’t the first to come on this journey between the UK and the US – Soul II Soul, Loose Ends, Sade, Billy Ocean. So we’re just highlighting that and celebrating that. So I’m going to be bringing some of my friends over – so that’s going to be happening. I also have an artist retreat that we’re about to open in Ghana.”

Natalie has many projects coming up, and to keep up with them, be sure to follow her on Twitter @The_Floacist. The Floetry reunion tour touches down in Orlando, FL on May 8, New Orleans, LA on May 11and Houston, TX on May 12.

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