Massive Monkees “Tale of the Tape” [Seaspot Classic]

Massive Monkees by Carlos Imani on Seaspot Magazine

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Massive Monkees
“Tale of the Tape”
Members: 18 strong … and growing
Accumulative Age: 400 yrs
Accumulative Weight: 2,700 lbs
Accumulative Height : 1,206 inches
Record: 300- 5
300 by way of K.O.
5 losses by controversial decision
Style: combination of tru-skool b-boy and new millennium innovation.

If NW hip-hop were ranked like boxing is, the Massive Monkees would be the undisputed Roy Jones-Real Deal-Iron Mike (bite your ear off)-champions!! In an era when Rap over shadows the culture of hip-hop itself, The Massive Monkees have emerged as the the NW icons on a National and International level, competing in events such as B-Boy summit (L.A.) Rocksteady Anniversary Battle (N.Y.), Red Bull’s Lords of the Floor (SEA), International Battles in Canada, Japan, and Europe. Basically, to translate for the non-backpackers, Massive Monkees have competed and many times won the b-boy equivalent to the Super bowl, World Series, World Cup, and The Olympics in time span of about 3 years.. (If that ain’t a Dynasty I don’t know what is).
But life wasn’t always so good . . . They started in the early 90’s in Beacon Hill’s Jefferson C.C. under the forefathers DVS crew and their bully-like big brothers Boss Crew. In the Hallways of Franklin High School one could find the Massive Crew and the Untouchable Style Monkees skipping class and working their skills, moves, and the poor girls who happened to be in the hallway. Eventually the crews Massive and Untouchable Style Monkees would form like Voltron to form the Massive Monkees, and from there the battle begins.
From the point of conception Massive Monkees took on all comers, eventually eating their way to the top of the b-boy food chain. The defining point for these young Monkees was year 2000 A.D. in Los Angeles for the biggest b-boy event period!! The B-Boy Summit. The weekend had a ferocious start with the rhythmic murder of shit-talking crew from N.Y. who had been runnin’ off at the mouth for months. From there the competition started as they tore through crews from France, Texas, and California, on their way to becoming the champions. Thus securing their spot in hip-hop infamy.
Nowadays you’ll find these Monkees focused on performing rather than just battling. Everything from the Apollo in N.Y. (in the performance group TURF) to rockin’ the 50 cent show. Stay tuned because they might becoming to city near you.

Carlos Imani