When you are looking to just ‘get away’ and you live in proximity to the Pacific Northwest or not, British Columbia, Canada has always been a friend to party people – from the Hip-Hop culture, urban or otherwise.  One of the most monumental times of the year to visit and be engulfed in culture and beautiful people has been the annual Latin Summer Fest, this year hosted as the One Love West Coast Festival going down August 11-13 in Burnaby, BC.

Ana Emery David (middle) with friend and Luvva J (right)

Latinos In Action (LIA), headed by Ana Emery David has undertaken this terrific task since the turn of the century and despite the struggles, politics involved and financial fees mandated to rock this funky joint, she sees no end in sight.  “This is a passion of ours – to celebrate our African, Caribbean, Latin@, Asian, Indigenous and all other cultures, especially because we are few in number are don’t get to be among each other often”, says David.  “We love our visitors from the States (USA) and with the food vendors, the music, the culture and people it is always a great time for everyone.”  David, of Dominicana origin, has humbly called herself a ‘coordinator’, but she runs the show along with a strong team of volunteers, staff and managers – without whom this event would have folded years ago.

Beautiful party people everywhere… One Love West Coast at Trout Lake Park (2014)

Part of the draw, along with authentic food from Guatemala, Cuba, Jamaica, various lands in Africa, Mexico, Puerto Rico and more great places – is the variety of music and artistry on stage.  From Bachata, Salsa and traditional and modern dance to Reggae, Danchall, Ranchero, Afro Beat, Hip-Hop/Rap, Rock and Soul music – One Love keeps heads ringing with beautiful people and prospects.  This year’s event features Mexico’s famed music group, AntiDoping on their 25 Years of Resistance tour as well as Mad House, High Life, Neptoon, Ze Gee, Los Guerreros, Zulu, Reggae Cafe, Peacock and the presence of The Temple of Hip-Hop and AmaZulu Nation among others.  Also, a treat is the presence of hostess and Vancouver, BC activist, artist, educator and model, Ndide Cascade.

Bachata dancer, One Love West Coast (Vancouver, BC)

Looking for some more culture to mix with your North ‘Americaness’?  One Love West Coast offers a taste of it all with various flavors in this its 15th year of action.  Moving away from its traditional location of Trout Lake Park in East Vancouver, this year’s One Love West Coast fest takes place Friday August 11 at Rickshaw Theater and Saturday the 12th and Sunday the 13th at Swangard Stadium in Burnaby, BC (just east of Vancouver, BC).

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Seaspot Staff