Did You Know about First Friday’s at Stone Lounge?


It’s Friday after work. It’s not just any Friday but it’s the first Friday of the month. For me, this means I’ve gotten paid and I have options. One of my options is presented on a flyer provided to me by my new friend DJ Kun Luv and his homeboy Jamar. This flyer is for a special Fourth of July First Fridays celebration at spot called Stone Lounge in Bellevue. The economic status of Bellevue is “On Fleek” as the kids say. I’m not a person that assumes or has expectations, so I started asking people from Seattle about a “Jamar and Kun Luv Party.”Image-2
“Kun Luv parties are for the mature 25 and up crowds that like to dress urban chic and have fun,” stated by a Jamar and Kun supporter. “If you are looking for great music, some good mature fun and don’t want to worry about people fighting, people worried about you brushing past them or people acting ratchet then you need to go to a Jamar and Kun party. I go all the time,” said another supporter. So how bad could it be? It’s settled. I’m about to run through the Vue with my woes!

Upon my arrival to Stone Lounge the appearance was impressive. Soft lighting around the granite accented sign that said Stone Lounge. Huge glass doors that bore a frosted display of the clubs logo. In addition, security was dressed like they were CIA detail for President Obama. Oh and how could I forget, there was a genuine RED CARPET that led to the inside of the club. I said to myself “Nice!” Side note, the parking lot is small so get there early if you want to park outside the lounge. Otherwise you will have to find street parking.


Inside was very stylish and inviting. The VIP section was roped off. Within the VIP section was leather Victorian chases and love seats with marble topped tables all prepped for whoever the VIPs were (Seahawks players I was told). Various types of stones cover the walls with multiple flat screens and a huge dance floor. I later found out by walking to the restroom that Stone Lounge is most known for it’s Private Karaoke! (Instantly I’m coming back to this place).

I arrived around 10:45 and by 12am the place was packed. For it being a smaller venue (holds about 150 people in the front common area) the energy was high. DJ Kun Luv went from Biggie to Maze featuring Frankie Beverly to Kevin Gates back to E-40 and around again to some Sean Paul featuring Beyoncé. A musical blend that left no on out. Jamar being the promoter brought an eclectically diverse crowd of nationalities all ready to spill their stresses, worries and cares on the dance floor to enjoy what turned out to be an amazing night. I sweated out my shirt it was so good but I’m a dance-a-holic and Turn up King.
This Friday you have an opportunity to come join Jamar and Kun Luv again in Bellevue at Stone Lounge. All Wells are $2 from 9-10p with ladies free until 11pm. $10 cover charge for men (Ladies $10 after 11pm). Here is your opportunity to see if you will experience what I did. Don’t just take it from me. Meet me there! Look for me and tell DJ Kun Luv and Jamar that A Man Called Quest sent you.

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