Hooked on Hookah: Renton’s Sweet Spot


Kazi's Hookah Lounge

Back in 2014 I was introduced to the phenomena known as Hookah.  I was back home in Chicago and since I had never smoked cigarettes or weed for that matter (you can call me a square if you want) I didn’t know what to expect, however found it to be rather enjoyable.  I enjoyed it so much I smoked hookah occasionally with friends every time I came into town. Back in DC where I physically lived, I would go to Uniontown Bar and Grill, go upstairs and hit some hookah before I turned up the party on Friday and Saturday nights as the ultimate Hype Man (that’s what they called me).

Being Seattle’s #1 Chicagoan continuing on my journey through the Seattle Metropolitan area, I was lead to an amazing and almost unrealistic atmosphere when I stepped into Renton’s hookah experience at Kazi’s Hookah Lounge located at 111 Airport Way S. 


I rolled up on what looked like a refurbished late 90’s restaurant from the outside. There was plenty of parking. Arriving through the double doors my mouth dropped. The renovated, dimly lit, plushly stylish space invited me in to relax and enjoy myself.  I walked up to the cashier in what appeared to be a food service line for hookah. I looked at a buffet styled menu of hookah and was greeted by Shadika aka Kavi, a native of Bangladesh and owner of the Hookah lounge. 

Quest At Kazi'z Hookah Lounge

“Get whatever you like this is the best hookah in Renton!”, she boasted. “People know me and know my product is quality. We give you the best service and hookah.”

For me, when someone says “its the best,” most of the time it was far from it. She totally fooled me. The hookah was extraordinary. I blended mint with Pirate’s Cave and Sex on the Beach.  Hookah blends are unlimited here. My girlfriend and I paid a $5 membership fee (the first time I had ever experience a membership fee for hookah. It last a year). We ordered the three blends and our total only came to $18!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? What I just ordered goes for $35 – $40 dollars in Chicago. They serve snacks and all beverages are non-alcoholic. I respect this. I’ve seen hookah lounges where people were so drunk they were knocking hookahs over and coals were burning the floor. 

We sat down to enjoy a number of different football games on multiple flat screen TVs. We noticed people playing board games, card games and even Xbox. I pulled from an ice hookah pipe that cools and soothes the shisha and instantly I was in another world from the flavors I had blended. The hookah was crisp, flavorful and tasteful.  The shisha (the tobacco inside of the hookah bowl) lasted at least 1-2 hours before changing of the coals.  

I asked some people about there experience here and they had some rather interesting things to say. 


“I smoke hookah all over the world. Kazi’s hookah lounge ranks #2 in the United States for me.” Exclaimed Joe an officer in the US Army.  

“When I come to this place they know who I am. I may come during the day or at night and I always order “The Kazi.”  It’s almost like she makes it for me, its so good.” Boast a gentleman by the name of DJ. 

They both said this place is the best hookah spot in Seattle. Ken, and employee at Kazi’s Hookah Lounge told me about the importance of cleaning all hookah filters daily and ensuring that all their product is top notch. 

“We maintain great customer service and in return our customer loyalty has grown in the last year and a half.  We have executives from Amazon, Microsoft and other companies that come all the way to Renton to experience Kazi’s. I personally go to other hookah lounges to taste their hookah and see their environment so I can help make our experience better for all of our clients.” Ken stated. 


If you are looking for a very chill place that has great music, dim lighting, belly dancers (oh did I leave that out), gaming consoles, plush couches and tables, cheap affordable prices, and hookah, then find your way to Kazi’s Hookah Lounge opened Mon – Thurs 3p-1a, Fri-Sat 3p-2a.