DJ Khaled Launches MOJI TALK

DJ Khaled launches MOJI TALK now available on the App Store. (PRNewsFoto/DJ Khaled)

Music mogul and social media super star DJ Khaled today launched MOJI TALK, a sticker pack and keyboard extension app containing more than 75 stickers and GIFs, all designed to pave the pathway to successful texting and messaging for fans.

MOJI TALK stickers represent every aspect of DJ Khaled’s iconic lifestyle, illustrating his notable catchphrases like BLESS UP, SECURE THE BAG, and MAJOR KEY, along with his favorite food and life philosophies. There’s also a GIF for every successful situation, which in DJ Khaled’s world can be anything from riding a jet ski, to popping champagne, to watering your flowers.

The MOJI TALK keyboard extension app is compatible with all messaging applications where the copying and pasting of images and GIFs is supported. It is available on the App Store and new App Store for iMessage for $1.99.