DJ Don Gee Drops “Tacoma Support Seattle, Seattle Support Tacoma” Mixtape


DJ Don Gee is well known in the Pacific Northwest community for working with local artists and helping to break their music on his many, many mixtapes.  Over the years he has put out over 150 mixtapes featuring new music from local and national artists.   His work ethic is legendary and very diverse.  One can find him pumping out trap music one day, and working for Macy’s in the Tacoma Mall the next day, and then at the hottest clubs and maybe a wedding reception to top it off.  His hard work and dedication to his craft was rewarded recently when he won the SSMA’s Mix Master and Best DJ Award.

For many years, Seattle and Tacoma have been fueding back and forth on who’s the best at anything.  Basketball Talent, Soul Food Spots, Nightclubs, and yes, Music!  DJ Don Gee and Mixtrapnation has been working hard for years with different artists from Tacoma and Seattle leading up to this moment, where both camps can come together on a project and make a mark for the Pacific Northwest.  That mark is coming in the form of this new project: “Tacoma Support Seattle, Seattle Support Tacoma” Mixtape.  Simple and plain, the message is that we all have great music.  This project is just the beginning of a movement that will combine the best of both cities to gain maximum exposure in this region and beyond.  

Download the project here: