Breaks and Eggs Kicks off Summer 18 on the Rooftop


Chicken + Waffles + Mimosas + Seattle Holiday Weekend x an amazing Rooftop = Breaks N Eggs! 

While true Seattleites love the rain that keeps our city “Emerald” and our state “Evergreen”, it’s a safe bet that our summers and sun are loved even more. A sure of sign of summer in the city is when photos of beautiful people drinking mimosas and enjoying good food start to flood your timeline. All of that and some more took place at the “Breaks n’ Eggs: a funky brunch ROOFTOP edition!” that took place on Memorial Day Sunday.  This refreshing event is the brainchild of Stephanie Morals of AXSM Arts and while there were no eggs on the menu, the event was dope! “I just fell into this”, says the reluctant Promoter, “I am not really a promoter, I am an artist, that loves bringing people together”. Morales 1st passion is her art work that is a lifelong passion and the fruit of her multicultural background and extensive travels. I am looking forward to seeing more of her art, but it flows like her events, then it must be #100.   

First of all, you had to have a ticket to get the location of the event and no tickets were sold at the door.  This is always a good sign of a drama free event, since there are no Randoms and everyone there planned to be there.   Once we got the address and made up to the roof, it was like a scene from a Corona Commercial, an eclectic and diverse crowd sipping mimosa’s and listening to classic hip hop cuts under the sun.  Everyone seemed chill.   I made my way into the kitchen area and there were a few dozen mimosa’s on the

Artist and Taste-maker, Stephanie Morales pouring Mimosa's at Breaks N Eggs
Life of the Party: Stephanie pouring Mimosas for guests at Breaks n Eggs on May 27th, 2018

counter and there was Stephanie serving as a real host… Both welcoming and making sure that everyone was good… but also pouring the champagne! Ok!  There were also 2 catering staff from Nate’s Chicken and Waffles who were making plates on demand.  I was relieved to see that they were making the waffles fresh and pairing it with Chicken from a warmer.  I have been to a couple of things where the waffles were kind of soggy because the caterer cooked them all before the event.  So, thumbs up on that! I meant to just fall thru for an hour or so, but I started seeing some familiar faces an ended up staying until the end and well exceeding my allotted 5 mimosas!  Definitely a premium event.  You have to love when everything is what it was promoted to be!

I am going to keep up with Stephanie and her company, as she is looking to have more events this summer.

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