Black Lives Shouldn’t Matter At All



black-lives-matter-protest-in-toronto-july-2015-jalani-morgan-660x350-1452594794Why did we get to this point?  Why have we gotten to a point where a specific life matters over all human lives?  Religiously we can debate the beginnings of the existence of man. None of us can debate the fact that we exist. Humans have been on this Earth for a very long time.  As humans we have made countless books, articles and journal entires that give us insight to the survival and evolution of the human. Words were created to give us meaning for feelings and emotions which allow us to survive and evolve. Our thinking became enhanced and logic became sounds along with emotions becoming the gateway to our character. Where did we decided that we were going to stray away from being humans? I could give this long boring review of HIStory vs. Ourstory but does the story matter right now?

Here is what we know. All people were created.  All people were created with different skin colors. Therefore everyone created has a different skin color. This statement is logical. Every human was created equal. Every human is a person. Therefore all people are created equal. Is this statement logical?

I struggle with understanding why my life all of a sudden has to matter when I believe that every human was created equal.  I took to the streets of Seattle to find out who shared some of my own views in this situation.  I talked to people with different skin colors.  I asked about their creation, culture and character and what I found was a glitch in the Matrix.  Taylor a 23 year old woman from Bellevue, Washington was asked “What do you think should matter when it comes to human life?”original

“Being able to live.  Being able to sustain life. We should want to all be able to have fun and grow up without worrying about getting shot.  I want to live a good life. Healthy, doing what I want to do when I would like to do it and not worry about judgement or judgement if you understand what i’m saying.”

All Lives Matter but just not right now, right? I mean right now I look on the television and see Seattle school teachers that are white, black, hispanic and other referencing that black lives that matter.  I have a sister and a brother. Currently, I’m in good health, my brother is in good health but my sister is sick with the flu.  So where my brother and I don’t matter at the moment, my sister does.  This is not saying that my brother and I will never matter, it just means that currently our issues are not priority issues. Believe it! s070911988-300

America, Land of thieves home of the slaves. Not just America but this world. Started out with no prejudice until man figured out a system of power over love. Black lives shouldn’t matter because human life, human health, human kindness, human love should be the way of life. Instead we have to live in a reality harsher than was expected to be. Focus your lives on change. Black lives matter because these lives have always been under attack like blood cells to disease and virus. A community that has taken its share of responsibilities and dealt out its apologies for accountability. A community that’s given so many inventions and intellectuals. I could continue but that really doesn’t matter now does it. You haven’t been listening and you’re still not. I hope that this small piece of what I really think allows you to think. Help us matter so we can show the world we all matter.