It is hard to compete with Bumbershoot – Seattle’s annual music and arts fest held in the heart of the Emerald City’s downtown, Seattle Center.  Year after year, Bumbershoot is noted for shedding light on future talent in tandem with classic artists and legends.  This year’s festival is no different.  In anticipation of providing in-depth coverage,  Seaspot Magazine team is pleased to give you a taste of who’s coming this year.  From Friday September 1 through Sunday September 3, The 206 will be lit… In a real way.

Gucci Mane… Bad Boy from GA is always D-Boy Fresh…

As always, a diverse patchwork of artists from every genre is set to grace any of the many stages that are active for three days and from sunshine to sundown.  From the lovely songstress to Lorde to Weezer and Lil’ Yachty (maybe Macklemore will shot up and rock “Marmalade” with him?    , the weekend will have a dose of attraction for everyone.  With visits from E-40, The Roots, Cataldo, X Ambassadors, Gucci Mane, Kaleo, Vince Staples, Flo-Rida and many more – the list is long and in itself entertaining, but full of folk, comedy, Rock and Roll, Hip-Hop, Poetry, Crafts and of course people.  The legacy of Bumbershoot, produced by One Reel is one that is a source of pride for Seattlites as 2017 marks 45 years of production, entertainment and service in the community.

The lovely Lorde is set to rock out…

Passes are always packed with value in the festival format and require you to move around and walk slight hills to get to your destination, so prepare for fun (usually in the sun) and another almost endless weekend.  Passes currently range from $99 for a single day pass to $249 for a 3-day pass – still a bargain taking into account the number of shows, performers and access.  VIP passes are also available.  Check the link below for more about Bumbershoot 2017.

Ageless rock and roll from Weezer…

Seaspot Staff.